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Who We Are

Sun Factory is an innovative Solar Energy company with decades of combined experience in simplifying Solar Energy for homeowners and business owners. The team is made up of Energy Specialists and Professional Installers with one goal in mind:

Make Solar Simple.


quality and service

Our Install teams are Fully Accredited and extremely experienced in order to bring the best possible solutions to our customers. We don't touch low quality hardware and only install absolute top tier equipment for our customers. In combination with our $0 Down Solar Program, this means we can bring the highest quality Solar Solutions to people who traditionally would not be able to afford it.

Premium Quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Simple Solar Program?

The Simple Solar Program is a campaign that was started by a group of Solar Specialists and Installers with the purpose of putting High-Performing systems into the hands of people who don't want to put forward the cash that is usually required.


Upon approval of the program, you will have all your Upfront Costs covered and instead of receiving a big bill you will receive a Self-Paying Solar System that is yours from day one!


How Does the Simple Solar Program Work?

Many people don't understand that they are already paying for a Solar System through their Energy Bills. Our team's job is purely to give you the system that you are already paying for.


We take a look at a few data points in our calculations - your Daily Kw Usage, Average Energy Consumption month-to-month, Energy Rates, and a few other key metrics. We boil all of this information down to two numbers: What your Energy Costs are and What your Solar would be. Based on our calculations, if our team finds your Energy Costs are actually more than what your Solar would be, you will be immediately Approved for the Simple Solar Program.


Please keep in mind that not everyone is Approved. We only take on clients that we know will save money from day one. Approval is entirely dependent on your current Energy Usage and Expenditures.


If I Am Approved, What Happens?

If you are Approved for the Simple Solar Program, that means that when we Install your Solar System you will be saving money from Day One of Install. Approval means that your power bill will drop to as close to zero as possible and the savings from the System will be what covers the cost of the Installation. 


Your system will provide you more power for less money. For example, if your Energy Cost is $50/Week but your Solar only requires $20/Week, you will be saving up to $30/Week on Power from Day One and receive a Full Tier 1 System Installation on your property for no additional cost! That system will provide your home with more power for less money. It's as simple as that.

We require no upfront fees, costs, or deposits - you will simply be using the money the Solar saves you to pay it off. 


What Comes With My Solar Installation?

Every installation we do comes with a full Support Package to ensure maximum savings and coverage.


You will receive:

Full Tier 1 Solar Installation

Every system we install is Tailor-Made to each property. We ensure it will be producing the same if not more power than you are currently utilizing to cover you during overcast days and night time.


 25 Year Performance Warranty

Attached to your system is a No Questions Asked 25 year warranty. Our systems stand the test of time, but we still want you to know that you're covered! Your Warranty is backed by us as well as third-party million dollar insurance. You're covered no matter what.


Built-In Wifi Monitoring App

Your system will come with a Built-In monitoring app so you know exactly how much power it is produce at all times! This transparent monitoring system allows you to have a full understanding of the output of your system so you can literally watch yourself saving money from your phone or computer.

Let's get you Saving!

Non-Profit Projects

Sun Factory is also passionate about supporting the less fortunate. Our Not For Profit Projects span from General Contributions all the way to Fully Funded, Community-Wide Solar Systems. 

To learn more about these projects visit our SunShare page:

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